Luck Lady Premium Lotion

100ml ¥18,000(tax excluded)

Penetrate to the molecular level of cells.
Melancholy feelings and high quality exquisite fine youthfulness that will not be ignored by others !
It protects your skin from active oxygen and concentrates only what is really nice for your skin, which will rewind your skin age.
High performance skin care facelift lotion with plenty of selected luxury ingredients for adults.

* Low irritation prescription
For sensitive skin users can use it without worry, the components that may irritate your skin disappears in a minutes.
* Paraben Free
* Non-alcoholic
* No fragrance-free coloring
* Free Mineral oil
* Free old designation indicator
* By blending platinum Nano-colloid component (super-platinum of high purity), active acid of the skin continues to remove element, so you can expect true whitening/moisturizing/antioxidant action.
How to Apply
After cleansing, lightly wipe off the moisturizer and take an appropriate amount in your palm.
Using the entire finger/palm, rub it gently into your skin.
* Please be careful on areas of particular concern.
Active Main ingredients
Platinum Nanocolloid (antioxidant effect)
- Humic acid, fulvic acid (whitening blood circulation)
- Macarlite pearl lipid squalane (moisturizing effect)
* Oligopeptide 24 (cell activating component)
Other ingredients,
11 types of moisture retaining ingredients, 4 types of skin whitening ingredients.