Testimonials & Reports


- Y.T, 51-year-old male

I could not move due to an unexpectedly strained and painful waist in the morning, so I applied the cream to the affected area.
I got up after 30 minutes and I was able to walk. (Usually, I cannot walk straight for a week)

- T.T, 48-year-old female

My mother tore her Achilles tendon while playing volleyball 6 months ago.
There was a pulling-sensation and pain when walking. When applying the cream to the affected area, the pain disappeared, and there was no discomfort even when running lightly.

- M.K, 49 year old female

I fractured and broke the instep of my right leg, and had to use crutches with poultice and a bandage.
But immediately after applying the cream, even when I put my feet on the ground, I felt relief from the pain.

- M.K, 45 year old male

I had wart and cut hemorrhoid surgery 10 years ago, but I didn’t fully recover after the surgery and continue to suffer from this disease, so I had to see the doctor again.
I had pain for around 40 - 50 minutes before applying the cream, but after applying it, the pain disappeared. The symptoms also disappeared after one week.

- I.J, 45-year-old male

When I was applying the cream to my scar located under the elbow which I got from falling three years ago, the sand embedded in my skin from the fall rose to the surface, and was removed

- H.Y, 40-year-old male

Apply cream to surgical marks from 20 years ago. The surgical marks were expected to be removed by suppuration have instead flattened out. The three threads that were left behind came out of the skin.
After that, the three known threads and three additional threads came out from the surgical traces.

- E.K, 20 year old female

Applied cream to the 1 cm diameter keloid under my neck. The keloid that had risen in about a month went flat, and the reddish color became inconspicuous.
I often have allergic reactions, and I especially suffer from extreme hay fever. Every year, I was suffering from an itchy nose, throat, and ears.
Drinking medicine at the hospital and has resulted in a side effect of subarachnoid hemorrhage.
After 1 week of applying the cream to the sensitive areas, I no longer feel symptoms of hay fever, and the hemorrhoids also disappeared.

- F.Y, 32 years old female

My menstrual pain was so bad that I could not eat because the pain was greater than I could bear.
Five minutes after applying the cream, though it sounds like a lie, the pain was gone and I was able to eat normally.

- M.I, 35-year-old male

I had pain from kidney stones, a severe pain from my back to my side, including fever and fatigue.
When I applied plenty of cream, the pain unbelievably vanished.

- S.S, 70-year-old male

My dog (Corgi ♀ 13 years old) had cancer surgery. I have been applying the cream daily for 1 week on the long wide and vertical scar that cut his stomach, the veterinarian was surprised with the result.

- S.I, 40-year-old male

Even though I applied my pain-reliever to my neck for a week, the pain did not disappear even if I took additional medicine.
But 5 minutes after the cream was applied to my neck, my neck, which could not move back and forth or right and left, Was able to move without pain, It seems unbelievable.

- F.M, 35 years old female

Toothache. Applied cream on the skin around the painful teeth, not directly.
I felt no pain at all after 5 minutes.

- T.U, 40 years old female

I was hospitalized due to continued pain and bleeding from endometriosis. The bleeding stopped after the day after I applied the cream.
I felt that any additional pain-relievers were no longer necessary.

- H.K, 70-year-old male

Treatment of herpes zoster for the last 3 years. Sometimes I cannot sleep because the pain still has not entirely disappeared.
The pain decreased within a short time after applying the cream.

- W.R, 35 year old female

Had surgery for breast cancer 5 years ago and received a mastectomy. I had painful scars, but after applying the cream, the pain disappeared. The redness of the scar was also reduced.

- M.U, 74-year-old female

When my lower gums were suppurated, I could hardly eat, but when I slept with the cream applied throughout the night, I slept easily into the next morning. My pain began to disappear then, and I could speak.

- F.H, 28-year-old male

In the morning, there was pain in the lower left of my eyelid, and the area gradually became increasing red, then there was a subjective symptom like a mark.
I applied the cream on the whole lower eyelid with cotton and then again after 5 minutes.
I applied again after 2 hours with cotton. I repeated this process about 3 times, in the evening the pain disappeared without swelling.

- M.M 26-year-old female

I Use contact lenses, and keratitis caused my eyeball to become red and the eyelids were painfully swollen.
Without eye drops, I applied the cream on the upper and lower eyelids in the morning and by the next day, the redness and pain of the eyeball had disappeared like they had never existed, and by the next day I was cured completely.

- T.M, 50-year-old male

Between the toes of both feet, there were bubbles of water like on waterfowl.
The skin was peeled off due to drying, and there was also itching.
I felt too itchy to endure from the next day when I started applying the cream. The water bubble dried in about a week, the skin was peeled off, and the skin was completely restored.

- Y.U, 48-year-old female

I had diarrhea with abdominal pain because my stomach was weak.
After eating, I applied the cream to the lymph area of my stomach and groin, before the abdominal pain occurred. The pain never arrived, and the diarrhea disappeared as well.
If I forget to apply the cream the diarrhea returns, so I cannot be without the cream anymore.

- F. A 35-year-old female

My elementary school child plays outside in the winter, causing his lips and mouth to dry.
Before going to bed, I applied a lot of cream to his lips and surrounding areas. By the next morning the area was completely healed. Since then, I have been applying it every night.
(My child always says "Please put on the cream ")

- H. T, 42-year-old female

I suffered from extreme menstrual pain every time I got my period. It is sufficient abdominal pain to cause diarrhea for 3 days and I have no appetite.
5 to 10 minutes after applying the cream to my painful abdomen, groin area and waist, my abdominal pain reduced and my appetite returned.

- I.H 32-year-old female

I have a friend who has cancer, and because of the pain he cannot sleep at night, so I applied the cream to his painful back, and has been able to sleep well since then. He said himself, that he feels relief from the pain and he can sleep well.

Luck lady

- M.M, 40s

I use it for my whole face.
The wrinkles under the eyes and the smile lines have both changed. It's been two months since I started using it.
Especially the wrinkles under the eyes became thin and the firmness came out.
My friend also said that the firmness was reduced for them as well.

- T.M, 50s

My friend became very beautiful, so she introduced me to the cream.
I thought that it was too late for me, but the wrinkle lines and wrinkles on the outer corner of my eyes became thinned out.
The thing that makes me really happy is that the firmness is disappearing, and the dried out feeling is gone!
I can now use eyeliner again. I am very happy! It's nice.

- C.K, 40's

Smile lines became thinner and wrinkles have disappeared
The more you keep on using it, the more the skin changes.
I use it as part of my standard care.

- M.M, 30's

The moisturizing power is really amazing.
I applied it at night and it moistens steadily until the next morning.
Because my mouth dries out easily, I feel very good after repeated applications.
I also like the fragrance, I feel that I am healed.

MiRaKuRu Plus

- Y.W, 63-year-old male

In 2009, I underwent colorectal cancer surgery.
In May 2010, with the recurrence of the colorectal cancer, I started anticancer drug treatments.
After 1 month, the cancer grew from 9 mm to 18 mm.
I started consuming MiRaKuRu in June.
By August, the cancer cells were gone
We received a phone call from the person saying how happy he is.

- T.H, 68-year-old male

June 30, 2010: Lung cancer was metastasized to the liver, brain (5 mm × 1.5 mm). (30 places)
Stage IV, tumor marker: 300
I was in poor condition, and could not receive anticancer drug therapy or radiotherapy.
Started MiRaKuRu
End of July 2010: All cancer cells disappear in about 1 month.
(In the meantime, I have not undergone any anticancer drug treatments or radiotherapy.)
The doctor also admitted that it is the effect of MiRaKuRu.

- M.O, 75-year-old male

April 8: diagnosed with 9 cm of lung cancer.
I was bedridden without any appetite.
Started to take MiRaKuRu beginning around the end of May.
I had recovered from my condition after about 1 month.
Now I have a good appetite and my face has a pleasant complexion. I enjoy driving and playing golf every day.
A miracle seems to have happened," the doctor said, surprised.

- K.I, 62-year-old female

-I began to take Ekupon starting 1 year ago.
・ I also began to take MiRaKuRu starting 6 months ago.
Twenty years ago, I developed breast cancer, and then later, lung cancer. This recurred afterwards and metastasized to the bones and brain. At that time I learned of Mirakuru.
Below, mail transfer from the introducer, T.O.
After that, it became small enough that the shadow of the cancer could not be seen, and I was admired by the doctor "As she has repeated recurrence of cancer, she normally would not still be alive, it is amazing".
Previously, she suffered many side effects of anticancer drugs, nails of hands and feet became desiccated, and the skin bled. At last the nails were removed, but now such things do not occur.
It seems that the doctor was wondering about this as well.
Unfortunately, although her cancer was able to spread to the brain, "I think it’s due to Ekupon and MiRaKuRu that her condition has improved to this extent.
In the spring of last year, I was called by a senior doctor and told that "my Mother probably won’t live for more than a year, please be filial with your mother from now", It would help her due to this diagnosis.
I am glad that I can be even a little useful for her.

- S.B, 58-year-old, female

My aunt was diagnosed with cancer.
Even though she could not eat anything at the beginning, she began to eat meals after taking MiRaKuRu, which surprised my family.
Also, the cancer has changed from stage III to stageⅡ.

- H.H, Male 50's Male

Lymph cancer
Started taking MiRaKuRu when it was though she had only three months remaining.
It is now cured, and she has returned to work.

- H.N, 48-year-old male

Three years ago - ureteral cancer onset
Kidney excision
Relapse in the bladder
Began taking MiRaKuRu from March 2010
Consumed at a pace of 1 box/month.
After taking 5 boxes, the cancer disappeared, and he was totally healed.
September 9: The individual himself made a joyful phone call.

- I.Y, Like 55-year-old man

He had consulted a doctor due to poor physical condition.
As a result of the examination, his blood glucose level was found to be over 300. furthermore, according to the numerical value of hemoglobin A1c 11, 3, he was diagnosed with severe diabetes and immediately hospitalized.
Started taking MiRaKuRu in April 2012
HbA 1 c 11.3
After one month of intake by May 2012
HbA 1 c 9.3
After two months of ingestion by June 2012
HbA 1 c 7.7
After 3-months intake in July 2012
HbA 1c 6.4
Usually it takes half a year to lower the HA 1 C number by 1, the doctor in charge is surprised by this result.
Moreover, I did not drink any medicine prescribed from a hospital, only MiRaKuRu.
* MiRaKuRu consumed at a hospital at the rate of 1 box/month without hospitalization.

- K.O, 65-year-old male

In February 2010 had a medical examination and was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent endoscopic removal as treatment.
In January 2013, a re-examination was performed for the half-life of the diagnosis and lung cancer.
Hospitalization for the initiation of anticancer drug administration treatment.
Began taking MiRaKuRu in February.
She was re-examined in January 2014 and it was confirmed that the cancer has disappeared.
When my husband was told he would not live long, he began drinking MiRaKuRu everyday from extreme desperation, because he knew of MiRaKuRu by referral from his wife's relatives and he gained an improved complexion and appetite.
After he left the hospital and settled down, he only drinks MiRaKuRu, so the only conclusion we can draw is that it’s all the effect of MiRaKuRu.
“Thank you so much." we received a grateful thank you from the wife.

- I.H, 43-year-old female

Due to the influence of overwork stress and general malaise, sleeping at night is hard, and sleep is also shallow, so I have taken sleeping pills for about 2 years.
I have been thinking of not taking any more medicine, because it’s use prevents regular sleep.
As a result of medical examinations showing liver function decline, excessive bad bacteria in the intestines, and H. pylori, I started taking MiRaKuRu, because I was worrying whenever I became sick at any time.
I started taking MiRaKuRu in September 2015
One week later, in October 2015, I was able to sleep without sleeping pills.
(SILVERSPACE combined use)
No malaise by November 2015, sleeps easily without sleeping drug.
The result of a health examination in December 2015 showed results of improved normal liver function, increased intestinal beneficial bacteria, and no Helicobacter pylori.
To stay healthy, I keep taking half a capsule of MiRaKuRu per day.

- S.N, 40-year-old male

Transported by ambulance as I was suffering from abdominal pain, and was hospitalized.
I started suffering from unexplained diarrhea and abdominal pain. Neither an intravenous drip, antibiotics, or the medicine for internal pain worked, and the only treatment to stop the pain was with a suppository. (In the meantime, when the suppository ran out, the pain began again.
The cause was unknown and the treatment method was not decided on even after 10 days. As a result of the examination, the doctor diagnosed that the lymph between the small intestine and the large intestine was suppurated.
The choice between a catheter or laparotomy? That was the reason why I began taking MiRaKuRu.
Started taking MiRaKuRu in November 2015.
Within a day of beginning to take it, I already felt relief from the pain.
After beginning to take MiRaKuRu, the pain reduced day by day, and after 4 days the pain had gone and I could start to eat for the first time in 2 weeks.
I was able to stop using suppositories by December 7, 2015.
I was discharged on day 11. And returned to work after 3 days.
The doctor in charge was also surprised at this early recovery.

- K.M, 72 years old, female

Diagnosis result of diabetes in HbA1c 6.3 from 3 years ago, treated only with internal medicine.
She collapses suddenly in January 2016 and was transported by ambulance.
Emergency hospitalization with intense dizziness. Pain in both legs due to complications. (rise to HbA 1c 8.7)
February 2016 MiRaKuRu intake began (discharged to home)
February 2016, we got a phone call that said, after consuming MiRaKuRu for 6 days, the dizziness disappeared!
March 2016 HbA 1 c (awaiting report of the next inspection result)
We heard from the person herself, that she was hoping she would be able to become more energetic and could join a company sponsored bus trip in February.
The day before the trip: "Thanks to you, I feel better, and thanks to you the feeling of dizziness has disappeared! thanks!", she told us gratefully in her phone message to us.

- N.M, 69 years old (We received gratitude from the daughter)

It is truly amazing.
It is a true story of the experience of a 69-year old mother.
She was told that there was suspicion of cervical cancer in health examinations when she was re-examined at the cancer center. She was diagnosed with class Il iac moderate dysplasia, and underwent re-examination after 3 months, then surgery.
Of course, because of her age, it is no surprise what sort of disease my mother suffers from. We should do a surgery. And it was a mother who had a negative feeling.
After that, she talked to Mr. Komuro and continued drinking MiRaKuRu Plus, and taking 2 capsules a day. She did not change any other aspect of her lifestyle, but continued drinking MiRaKuRu Plus. After a survey three months later, the results were surprising.
Mild Dysplasia. This feels weird? However, as it’s almost gone, it is good that the next one is not for another six months.....
Both I and my mother are full of surprise and appreciation.
Ms. Komuro, thank you for the advice.
My mother’s mind and body are full of energy. She drinks MiRaKuRu Plus every day and has resumed climbing her favorite mountain.
I really appreciate it.
We will contact you again after the next inspection.


- 62-year-old male Has used product for 1 month

Used twice a day in the morning and evening. After one week, the feeling of the fingertips has improved, in addition to the scalp becoming soft.
I am surprised that the condition of the top of the head, which was worrisome, has, after 2 to 3 weeks becomes less conspicuous.
I am pleased that the effects have appeared sooner than I thought.
The feeling is good and not sticky, and the fragrance is refreshing, so it is pleasant to use.
I apply it to my entire scalp every morning, and before going to bed.

- 51-year-old male Has used for 3 months.

Until now, no matter what hair-restorers were used, there was no effect, but with Most Hair, the black spots appeared on the scalp around the 10th, the areas of hair growth have increased and expanded.
The hair grew from the forehead hairline across my entire head, and bit by bit, my hair became thicker.

- A 76-year-old male that has used the product for 2 months

My hair has become thinner due to age,... I had given up, but my sparse hair, began to increase until it covered my entire head.

- Female 40s, used for 2 months

My hair keeps falling out due to stress, I came across Most Hair while suffering from this condition.
I apply twice a day, after using shampoo in the evenings, and at a set time in the mornings.
The hair started to grow after two weeks, and I am surprised at the increased speed.
I am glad that I can use it regardless of gender.

- Male of 46 years. Used for 1 month

Since beginning to lose hair, I have become anxious, so I started to use it for further loss prevention.
Until now my scalp tends to be a little bit sticky, but it is very convenient because I don’t need any hairdressing anymore.

QC silicate calcium

- Agriculture of Gotemba city, Shizuoka prefecture Mr. Katsumata

"I have never seen such a thing."
He couldn’t hide his surprise though, when watching the eggplant planted at the same time as the others show 5 times the growth.
"The corn has a thick stalk and tomatoes are produced at twice the rate." Furthermore, when QC silicate calcium was spread around the onions, he was surprised that few weeds sprouted in the same area of soil.

"Were these really planted on the same day?" ----- As you can observe, there is a clear difference in growth between crops using QC silicate calcium and ordinary fertilizer.
Eggplant has a four-fold difference in growth, and maize can add more grain and the difference in sweetness before harvesting is notable. Cucumbers and others grew very fast, and because they waited until the normal harvest they grew even larger than usual.

Although cultivated in the paddy field at home, when using QC silicate calcium, the harvest increased by 30%, the evaluation of taste improved as compared to the previous year, which was a sparse evaluation of about 75 in 1 stage.
This year I used QC silicate calcium at the dry stage, but I would like to use it next year during the first stage. I think that a harvest increase of 40 to 50% can be expected.

We received the eggplant and watermelon which used QC silicate calcium.
However, the eggplant and watermelon that grow in normal fertilizer are not ripe yet.

In June, inside the field where Jumbo pumpkins were planted, the seeds begin to emerge.
To reduce the spread of weeds, which we typically don’t do…, but the part that spread with QC silicate calcium has less weed than fertilizer.

eye wave

- Female in her 40’s

Although it was worse eyestrain than usual, after I used eye wave treatment, I was able to see better in low light, noticing improvement even when driving at night.

- Female in her 30’s

I was amazed because the visual acuity of my eyesight when using eyeglasses increased to 0.2! Moreover, I was surprised again when I saw the photo before the eye wave treatment compared to the image after the treatment!
My face tightened, my eyes became clear, and the enhancement of my beauty was also great!!

- Male in his 20’s

In SE as usual, I had extreme asthenia and myopia because of being overworked every day. I experienced the Eye Wave treatment for the first time, my visual acuity increased by about 0.1, and my ability to see in the dark improved.
Eyesight gradually increased with every second and third treatment, and at the end of the sixth course, there was an increase of "right/left 0.3/0.2" → "left/right 1.0/0.7".