There is nothing more important than your health
“Good health will keep you feeling forever young”

Cosmo Quark Co. Ltd.
Toru Yamamoto


The proteins and amino acids that make up our cells are composed entirely of molecules.
These molecules are furthermore composed of atoms, then neutrons and protons; their composition exists on a microscopic level. The tiniest particle, the quark (elementary particle), appears from a quantum, or so called energy field, and then disappears, soon to reappear again. This cycle repeats itself at a tremendous speed. One can say that the quark fluctuates from a state of both “existence’ and “non-existence” at the same time.
When cells are being created from these continuously fluctuating quarks (elementary particles), these particles must be incorporated and organized correctly to form a cell.

However, gravity, electromagnetic waves and other stressors throw the ordering of these particles into disarray, preventing the harnessing of their original vitality and structural potential. Putting this system in order and the practical application of quark energy allows cells to revert to their original structuring and vitality.

From now on, with the average lifespan increasing, if the gap between health and longevity continues to grow, medical and caregiving costs will occupy a large portion of expenditures.
What’s more, in contrast to the advances in health and preventative care etc., the ability to take care of oneself is tied to maintaining the quality of one’s life while lessening the burden on social security.

Cosmo Quark seeks to develop anti-aging products through research at the molecular level of cells. Our wish is to help people to be able to live to their lives to their fullest potential.

We wish for your further support in our future endeavors.

Brief history

Began working at the Mikakuto company.
Transferred from product planning to research and development, forming the basis for current research and development endeavors.
Left Mikakuto, established the Kankyo Rikagaku Company.
Manufactured and sold the water treatment flocculent Zeofloc – Took part in projects to address environmental problems.
Became the executive officer of Anzu Kuraimaasu. Undertook research and development on lifestyle disease treatment supplements. Planned to enter the doctor’s market at this time. Created a supplement containing extractions of the longevity hormone Adiponectin. This product was featured on TV Tokyo World Business Satellite and later caught the attention of many readers when it was featured in a variety of newspapers.
Became CEO of the same company
Established agencies across Japan and conducted lectures all over the country.
Established a separate company by the name of Anzukosume Co. Ltd.
Began manufacturing and selling the anti-aging makeup (Blue Moment) Finland Peat. Held a large press conference at the Finnish Consulate. It was reported in a variety of newspapers and magazines as being the first high-quality peat to hit the shores of Japan.
Cosmo Quark Co. Ltd. is established.
Based on the study of quantum physics, the product development division began targeting the doctor’s and beauty market. Produced Vortex Cream (OEM).
Attended the World Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (WAARM) International Medical Science Research Society as an enterprise member. Offered samples of our product to organizations recognized in the field of advanced integrative medicine and displayed products to conference attendees. Developed CQ Energy. Produced cream (OEM).
Produced QC Silicic Acid Calcium.
Established Cosmo Quark. Incorporated Cosmo Quark Asia in Hong Kong. Produced Premium Venus (OEM).
3 November (Culture Day): Received the Higashikunomiya Culture Prize.
※This prize is awarded to those who have spent many years developing and bringing to market products that are considered beneficial to society.
18 April: Received the Higashikunomiya Memorial Prize.
Service[MiRaKuRu Plus, Lucklady Premium(OEM) and MOST HAIR(OEM)] begins.