Luck Lady Premium Lotion

Active Main ingredients

We held an experiment using Luck Lady Premium at a major cosmetic manufacturer factory.

- Experiment Procedure

4 test subjects
Apply lotion half of the cream to face twice a day. The condition after one week unused, after 2 weeks, measure (1) viscoelasticity and (2) moisture content of cheeks.

- Experiment Result

(1) Viscoelasticity
The viscoelasticity of the skin rose from about 0.98 to 1.18 after 2 weeks of use.
(2) Moisture content
Approximately 40% increase in one week on from use. (Water content before use is taken as 100%.)

- Evolutionary super platinum Nanocolloid

- High performance platinum Nanocolloid evolved from the conventional platinum Nanocolloid, which produces approximately 10 times the activity of the conventional type!
- Suppresses skin damage due to ultraviolet rays, and the removal of active oxygen.
- High cohesive sedimentation does not occur even after 2-years of long term cold storage in high quality test.

Platinum Nanocolloid is a metal platinum (platina) reduced to several nanometers (nm) by using a chemical reaction.
By the action of protective coating platinum agent, it maintains a long term stable state for storage of up to 2 years (right image).