150ml ¥18,000

A new scalp serum that activates the hair root at the cellular level by the action of various active ingredients.

How to Apply
Please take as much as around 10 yen cores amount of cream in your palm and then rub the part of your hair where it is needed.
Active Main ingredients
- Precipitation rock
(Rich in high quality minerals indispensable to life and has an antioxidant effect on the body)
- Green Gentian extract
(Improving blood circulation, spreads nutrients to the scalp, and activates the function of dermal papilla cells)
- Fulvic acid
(Natural ion exchange material that activates cells)
- Hinokitiol
(Prevents dandruff and itching due to strong antioxidant action and activates the function of the hair matrix)
- Lithia tourmaline
(Excellent blood circulation material, antioxidant power, whitening effect, cell activator)